February 16, 2020

First real post I guess

Well, today (Saturday 2/15) was my second shift at the new job. It went better then the first. I wasn’t standing on my feet non-stop for 8 hours. My partner today at least spoke English. She wasn’t bad but not the best either.

As for my love life… I don’t know where I stand on that yet.. We barely spoke today after what I thought was a good First Valentines date being only 3 weeks into this relationship. The last few days have been very bi-polar almost. One minute shes talking to me and seems to be interested in us then the next shes very distant.

It all started Tuesday 2/11 when she texted while I was still asleep that she doesn’t think we can be together. After asking her why, was it something I did she said she just needs time. We talked and she stated she stilled loved me and cared for me and wanted to keep at it but slower.

So the rest of the week seemed good, We had dinner Wednesday night, talked a lot, Valentines was good then today I felt ghosted. Maybe she’s having second thoughts? I really don’t know.

Music: Peacock Affect – Who Cares If You Exist

Adding up all the pain
Left in your brain
It’s just another black day
Feeling alone and full of decay
Some skanky alchy’
Looking at me in an understanding way
Friends don’t exist
Friends don’t exist
No one’s going to give you a kiss
Who cares if you exist
Friends don’t exist
When you’re sat at home alone
You may is well be asleep for the week
I’m so weak
But some how I exist

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