February 17, 2020

Beach House – PPP

Out in the heartland

I looked in your eyes

And I asked “Are you ready?

Ready for this life?”

Did you see it coming?

It happened so fast

The timing was perfect

Water on glass

Like tracing figure eights on ice in skates

Oh well

And if this ice should break it would be my

Mistake (my mistake)

Between the cities

Between the thrills

There’s something inside you

That doesn’t sleep well

It won’t last forever

Or maybe it will

The white clothes they gave you

You wear them so well…

I love this song because it perfectly captures the essence, the feeling of what it is to truly fall in love and have the realization that you are willing to risk almost anything for one person.

The song starts out by saying “Are you ready? Ready for this life?”, meaning the singer has realized she has reached a deep level of attachment in her relationship, maybe she’s thinking about children, or marriage.

But at the same time, she knows what she’s feeling isn’t permanent, and it could very well go the other way.

She’s “tracing figure eights”, or writing infinity signs, “on ice in skates”. In other words, she’s confident in saying her love is eternal, yet is keenly aware that her relationship has the inevitability of falling apart someday.

She’s skating on thin ice. It’s almost like marriage, in the way we make our vows saying we’ll spend our lives with another being, all the while we know we’re taking a risk, because it will end one day. And yet, we still fall hard, knowing fully that there is an expiration date to love, “It won’t last forever/ Or maybe it will” whether it be a break-up, separation, divorce, or death, we are so frail to this inevitable truth. Love dies, but we still let it consume us.

The song is called PPP because of the nature of love, the “Piss Poor Planning” aspect of it. We never expect to fall in love, but when it does, it is so strong, and so many of us are not ready for it.

I just adore the ending of the song because it’s such a cathartic embodiment of how exactly this feels, the madness of spending your life with one person, the craziness, the melancholia of possibly leaving them, and the never- ending joy of having another soul love you as much as you love them.

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